4 French Politicians In Charge Of Digital Affairs

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4 French Politicians In Charge Of Digital Affairs


Digital sets up a new deal in the economical ecosystem and politicians are moving alongside, trying to understand what is at stake. Discover these 5 key figure of the french political scene, related to the digital ecosystem.

Axelle Lemaire


French Canadian Axelle Lemaire is the Deputy Minister for Digital Economy.

She is the representative of web and digital entrepreneurs for the French government.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of her area of specialization and she particularly likes French companies such Withings, Netatmo or Parrot in this sector.

Axelle Lemaire is on Twitter :






Laure de la Raudière is a member of the French National Assembly.


During Nicolas Sarkozy’s mandate she was Deputy Minister for digital affairs in charge of new medias.


Since 2013, Laure de la Raudière has been a member of France Digital Council which aims at reviewing the influence of digital in our economy.

Laure de la Raudiere is on Twitter :



Henri Verdier is the State Chief data officer of French Government.


Henri verdier is a French entrepreneur, and currently Head of Etalab, the French Agency for Public Open data.With Etalab, he launched the first government open data portal open to Citizen’s contributions.

Henri Verdier is on Twitter :



Laurent Grandguillaume is a member of the Parliament.He has founded a think tank called  «  Entreprendre à gauche » (« Left wing Entrepreneurs » ) in order to find ways to improve France’ competitiveness, through debates, in which parliamentarian and entrepreneurs discuss innovation, cooperation and their application for the country economy.

Laurent Grandguillaume is on Twitter :

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